After I have filled in all the data on the registration page, do I have to do anything else to activate my account?
Yes, you have to verify your email address by going to your inbox and clicking on the link in the email that I sent you.

Is the subscription a one time payment?
The subscription is a monthly payment.

How often there is new content is posted?
Around 4 to 6 times a week.

What is the difference between the plans?
The BRONZE plan has content that is too sexy for YouTube, using casual clothes anyway. The SILVER plan has content that is more revealing and sexy than the content in bronze, bikinis are used also. The GOLD plan has the most revealing and sexier content, lingerie and/or more revealing clothes and poses. The PLATINUM plan has the most sexy, revealing and nudity of them all, many of the content show implied nude (no full nudity).

What is the difference between the videos on youtube and the videos on your website?
There is a very big difference, youtube videos are family friendly and the videos on my website are free of restrictions. On my website I can be as sexy and as naked as I want to be.

What’s the difference between the Magazine Plus+ in the shop and the online Magazine in the GOLD and PLATINUM plans?
The full Magazine Plus+ in the shop is high quality, downloadable PDF file, it’s also the most revealing version. The online Magazine Plus+ PLATINUM version it’s the same that it’s in the Shop, and the Online Magazine for GOLD plan it has less pages and a little less revealing content.

Can I send you a private message?
Yes, you can send a private message if you have subscribed to one of the plans.

How can I change my subscription plan?
You can change it by going to the avatar menu, my membership, change. Keep in mind that you will pay the full price of the new plan, not the difference between the one you already have and the one you want to get.

How can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel anytime if you go to the avatar menu, my membership, with Cancel option. The is NO REFUNDS after cancelation, because you already got access to the content on the website and will get a month of access in any case.   

Can I see full nudes on your website?
The most revealing content you’ll see is implied nudes (covering or not showing genitalia and nipples) in the Platinum plan.

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